These are my open source projects and I’ve created that I share as they may be useful for others. Sadly I’m forbidden to sharing most of my day job work which is why there’s so few things here.

Apache Permissions Script Generator
A quick script to fix Apache permissions for sites like WordPress.

This is a simple Windows console utility app to clear the read-only and archive flags on files recursively in folders. See this post to learn more about why I created this utility.

Responsive Previewer
A web based tool I created to quickly preview responsive sites in different device resolutions. No additional dependencies as it uses VanillaJS.

ASP.NET MVC Model Generator
This is a simple, time-saving, C# Utility that will generate MVC Models from a database table. I’ve switched to mainly using Dapper ORM (instead of Entity Frameworks) for my MVC projects to take advantage of the performance gains. This utility helps me save time and avoid the tedious work of generating my models for mapping for Dapper.

Source code to a funny little Chrome plugin that replaces instances of Donald Trump to the anagram “Lord Dampnut”, which was 100% inspired by Colin Mochrie’s tweet. I haven’t released to the Chrome Store since this was just something I created for my own amusement but instructions are there on how to use it for yourself.

Random Squares
This sample shows how to generate squares dynamically based on the container dimensions, select a random color, and then do a fade on a random number of the squares. I created this for a convention panel background which gave a really nice eye-catching effect. Live preview here.