ARCHIVE: March, 2012

Round Up to Whole Numbers in Excel (10s, 100s, 1000s, etc)

After years of using Excel, I realized today I have never had to round up to the nearest whole number before – until today that is. I was organizing my finances and realized that I wanted to round some of the amounts up to the nearest 10. So to round to the nearest decimal place in Excel, the formula is:


Count the number of places after the 0 to round to and set [Position] to that value

So if you had 1234.25 in Cell A1 and wanted to round up to the nearest cent, =ROUNDUP(A1, 1) would produce 1234.30.

^ 1
^ 2

Want to go the other way? Simply start at the decimal as 0 and count backwards in the negated position.

^ -1
^ -2
^ -3
^ -4
=ROUNDUP(A1, -1)=ROUNDUP(A1, -2)=ROUNDUP(A1, -3)=ROUNDUP(A1, -4)


To round to the nearest ten (10)
=ROUNDUP(A1, -1) = 1240
To round to the nearest hundred (100)
=ROUNDUP(A1, -2) = 1300
To round to the nearest thousand (100)
=ROUNDUP(A1, -3) = 2000

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