About Me

First, and foremost, I am a problem solver. As a jack-of-all-trades in technology, I constantly strive to challenge myself and keep on top of the latest in tech. I’m a tinkerer and love learning new things.

I started coding at 13 years old and am a seasoned developer with experience delivering desktop applications, websites, services, and mobile experiences with a highly successful track record of meeting estimated timelines and staying within budget. I’m also a well-experienced network/system administrator having managed Microsoft servers from Windows, SQL, Exchange, and more. I also currently work with non-Microsoft tech including Linux, MySQL, Apache, NGINX, and many others.

I have touched nearly every aspect of healthcare-related technology over my career. I’ve worked building EHR solutions, insurance adjudication, directly in doctor’s offices, advertising for pharmacology

I am MCP certified and also have earned Sitecore .NET and Advanced Sitecore certifications in versions 6/7/8.

Most recently, I have leveraged my experience to serve as technology leadership at multiple organizations to build amazingly lean teams to deliver projects on time and to the highest of praise from clients. I am currently learning data science and machine learning trying to solve problems.

Outside of tech, I am an avid and passionate traveler and photographer, BBQ Pit-master, and foodie. My technical blog can be found at https://www.gregoryvarghese.com and my photography portfolio can be found at https://gregv.photography