About Me

“A Lifetime in Technology” – My Career to Date

Getting my start as a coder when I was 13, I have built up a strong and varied skill set.

I was still just a kid when I discovered my love for all things technology. I was 13 years old, and before the internet was filled with the references available today, I was taking apart my first computer to fix whatever it was that broke. From there, I joined online friends and was typing up hundreds of lines of code every day, dedicated to learning the ins and outs of the craft. It was thrilling to me to see how the things that I typed into my console could turn into a page or an application. Gradually, I built up my skill set, becoming more capable all the time. No matter how much I learned, I never tired of learning more. To date, I have completed a range of desktop apps, websites, services, and mobile experiences, and my reputation is one of consistency and promises kept. When I set a timeline and a budget, my clients know that I am going to keep them.

My skill set today encompasses vast experience as a network and system administrator, and I have overseen Microsoft servers running Windows, SQL, Exchange, and other systems. On top of that, I work with non-Microsoft systems such as Linux, MySQL, Apache, and NGINX, and I am perpetually looking into new technologies to remain on the cutting edge. Never content with the knowledge that I have accrued, I strive to push forward every single day, seeking out new discoveries and expanding my skill set all the further.

Throughout my career, I have defined myself by aiming for limitlessness. I have picked up one area of expertise after another, to the point that I have done work in just about all technology in the healthcare sector. From EHR solutions to insurance adjudication to advertising to pharmacology to doctors’ offices, I have seen it all up close and fixed problems that would be a complete mystery to most people. I am a technology professional through and through, obstinate in my belief that there is always a solution to any problem that arises.

To other people, my approach may seem naive. It is my experience, though, that if I look hard enough, I can find a path to get where I need to go in technology. As long as it takes and as much effort as I need to put into my work, I am confident that I can deliver high-quality projects with consistency because I have seen myself do so.

My clients trust me to take a leading role in technology. I have a knack for putting together lean, effective teams that work and deliver with excellence in mind just as I do. When I am tinkering and looking at new projects, I am always thinking in the back of my mind What else do we need to do here? This “what else” mindset is a tremendous strength of mine, and I pass it on to all of my collaborators. Whether we are doing something routine or something highly advanced, we are thinking outside the box and considering all possibilities.

Microsoft MCP certified, I have also earned my Sitecore .NET and Advanced Sitecore certifications in versions 6/7/8. A firm proponent of the value of ongoing education, I am currently studying data science and machine learning, just a couple of more tools that I can add to my repertoire to make myself all the more effective at what I do.

When I am not hard at work in front of a console, I enjoy photography, serving as the BBQ Pit-master, and enjoying delicious food (yes, I am a total foodie). I run a technology blog at www.gregoryvarghese.com, and my photography portfolio is available at https://gregv.photography.