ARCHIVE: December, 2013

Safari Prompts Authorization for Video in Password Protected Folders

Safari Sucks - Use a Real BrowserUsing Safari 6 and trying to password protect a site with videos? You might run into issue where Safari prompts you for a password. Unexpectedly, you’ll find that you’re unable to interact with the fields to re-authenticate or even move the box to get it out-of-the-way.

If you run into this issue, check your folder structure. If your videos are in a password protected folder and inherit from the parent like below, you’ll have to move the video files out of the password protected folder to get the videos to play.

Password Protected Folder

Your new folder structure will need to be similar to something like:

Password Protected Folder

Once you do that, your videos should play with no issues. I’ve already reported the issue to Apple when I first encountered the issue but there’s been no fix to date.

Photography Blog is Now Live

It’s been a while since I’ve updated this blog but I’ll be adding more posts about thoughts and technology soon. On an unrelated note, I’ve gotten heavily into photography and am becoming quite proud of the art I’ve created. With the amount of photos I’ve taken, I’ve decided to split the photography into its own blog that’s more suited for showcasing the work. The wolf picture above is one of the latest pictures I’ve taken and there’s plenty more that you can see at

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