I was experimenting with AI writing and images and was experimenting. My initial testing was for serious subject matters, and it proved to be surprisingly well-written.

I decided to experiment to see how absurd things could get and was not disappointed. Here’s the first result.

A sonnet about monkeys in the style of William Shakespeare

AI-Generated Image of a Monkey Dressed as William Shakespeare

Oh primate of the jungle wild, with fur so soft and warm,
Your funny face is full of cheer, your spirit full of charm.
Your leaps and bounds are so delight, your antics such a sight,
Your antics bring joy and laughter, day and night.

Your antics full of curious play, never a dull moment today,
Your cries bring life to the trees, your presence is here to stay.
Your chatter fills the air with sound, as you swing from tree to tree,
Your kind is full of joy, of this much I guarantee.

Your life is full of family, and you are never lonely,
Your love and care for one another, is so pure and honestly.
Your life is filled with plenty of adventure, curiosity and more,
Your life is full of joy, and near the jungle floor.

Oh primate of the jungle wild, I sit and watch you play,
Your furry face and kind spirit, I shall never forget today.
Your life is full of joy and cheer, your presence warm and bright,
Your life is full of love and fun, and I am glad to be in your sight.

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