I’m currently working on a project that requires extracting text from images of variable quality. I’m doing quick prototypes using PHP and Laravel, but I’ve found the documentation for accomplishing this a bit lacking. After working on it for a bit, I figured out a really simple solution and am sharing in case it helps anyone else.

This sample will send the image to the API as a blob instead of using a URL. I had tried Base64 encoding it without any luck. I discovered that using Imagick was the easiest way to make this work so the sample relies on that.

Fire up terminal and add a requirement for aws/aws-sdk-php:

Add keys for your AWS access keys and region to your .ENV file:

Create a controller, add the snippet below, and create a route to the controller. Check the URL and you should have a dump showing the array returned from AWS with all the text, bounding boxes, and information.

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