After recently switching to, I was trying to install Font Awesome Pro. It uses a private registry but their docs have not been updated to support non-npm package managers and bun does not yet support .npmrc files.

You can configure a private registry using an organization scope. First, you must get your auth token from your paid Font Awesome account by going to your account page, scrolling down to the Tokens section, and copying the token.

Copy and paste this string, and replace YOUR_TOKEN_HERE with the token you copied above:

"@fortawesome" = { token="YOUR_TOKEN_HERE" , url =

Open the terminal and enter these commands:

touch $HOME/.bunfig.toml
nano $HOME/.bunfig.toml

Paste in the config above with your token and then hit CTRL+X to quit, and Y to save when prompted. Now you should be able to run

bun add @fortawesome/fontawesome-pro
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  • touch $HOME/.bunfig.toml
    nano $HOME/.bunfig.toml

    forget the dot ;D

    • Thanks for the catch, Erik! Corrected.